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At EcoGrit our aim is to help prepare people and businesses to be able to function over the winter period. With ever changing weather patterns we never know when or where the cold and frost will hit and at what level. We strive to help protect our environment by reducing the use of rock salt and urea which helps to minimise the need for costly repairs to roads, car parks and structures.

EcoGrit offers a safer more convenient way to reduce slips at work and around the home. EcoGrit produces only one product which we call EcoGrit Concentrate. We supply it in various sizes from the 1.2kg handheld shaker up to 1 tonne bulk bags. It is also available in 5kg buckets with a micro scoop for application, a 20kg bucket with or without scoop or in 20kg bags. This year we have introduced 5kg & 10kg boxes as well as 1kg refill pouches to reduce packaging waste.

EcoGrit works to below -20C, whereas rock salt freezes at- 7C. It is safe to use around plants & animals and it is 80% less corrosive than rock salt. It doesn’t have any storage or handling restrictions and because EcoGrit is a granular product, it is not carried indoors on footwear.