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Philips Monitors

Philips Monitors

Headline sponsor - ICT Innovation & Environmental Practice Awards
Philips monitors are leaders in environmentally-friendly display technology – offering what teachers and students need from a technological standpoint but wrapped up in a sustainable product.   However, with the introduction of new and innovative solutions, we take every care to ensure our products don’t compromise our commitment to protect our planet.

We also factor in how the power consumption of devices in schools and colleges increases the total cost of utilities, creating a burden to nature’s finite resources. Let’s not forget that the world is not only facing a pandemic but also a global climate crisis. This means, every decision made can make a difference and should reflect our individual responsibility to minimise carbon footprint. 

Philips monitors’ most energy efficient displays, the 24” 242B1G and 27” 272B1G are designed for sustainable productivity. This monitor achieves a higher energy class (corresponding to the new European Energy Label C), consuming just 8.6W (typical) in its ECO mode, and 12.8W in its ON mode (EnergyStar tested). It also uses a new LED backlight technology, using significantly less energy, and infrared PowerSensor detects the absence of a user in front of it and reduces the brightness automatically, cutting energy costs up to 80 percent. With the Zero Watt hard power switch the monitor can be turned off completely.