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IRock School of Music

iRock School of Music

Welcome to iRock School of Music, a peripatetic music service for primary schools, specialising in teaching children how to play in rock and pop bands.

Founded in 2017 by father and son, John and Josh, iRock embarked on a mission to transform the lives of children through music. iRock offers children an inclusive experience that goes beyond traditional methods, enabling more children to engage with music education. By learning music in a band setting, children experience a direct impact on their wellbeing, increasing their confidence and subsequently enhancing their academic performance and overall school experience.

Teaching over 12,000 primary school children and partnering with 400+ schools, iRock has proven the profound impact of our unique approach. We have seen incredible growth over the years, and since the massive challenge of the pandemic, iRock has grown 400% between 2021 and 2024.

Our commitment extends to ensuring no child is left behind due to financial barriers. iRock’s bursary scheme offers more than £100,000 in free places, emphasising our dedication to accessibility. Furthermore, our partnership with ‘Cam Kids’ supports global efforts to provide education and healthcare, showcasing our commitment to making a difference both locally and internationally.