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Sponsors the ICT Facility Award 
As the education sector continues to adapt to the changes brought about by the impact of the pandemic, more and more are discovering the benefits of utilising dedicated scanning devices as a way to aid the seamless provision of the curriculum and to help with administrative processes including back-file conversion. Digital processes are helping with engagement between all parties as well as serving as a way to share material via systems between pupils, teachers and parents. Scanning documents and course material can make the scanned information easily searchable, retrievable and editable, saving time and improving productivity.

Once digitised, the information can be organised and stored for anyone to access anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, with the concerns around data privacy, documents can be easily tracked, with a clear audit path, so you know who has access, where, how and why the information is stored with visible retention periods. An ideal scanner model is the ScanSnap iX1600 for intuitive automated scanning of a range of material, the in-built touch screen with the ability to create multiple scan profiles makes operation a breeze for staff members, home users or other members of a household, it really is the smarter way to work.

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