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CPL Group

CPL Group


CPL Group is comprised of three not-for-profit organisations which are owned by the education sector:

•    Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)
•    Tenet Education Services (TES)
•    Tenet Procurement Service (TPS)

Any surpluses made by these organisations are reviewed by the charity’s board of trustees and following approval, a proportion is redistributed into the education sector. To date CPL ‘Giving Back’ funding has designated £1 million pounds to 104 initiatives for colleges, schools, academies, and universities UK wide. 

Fulfilling our charity aspirations to improve teaching and learning, having a positive impact on the learners experience of education and helping to support the learning of economically disadvantaged learners and minority groups.

So, by using our services, you are, in fact, helping to ‘Give Back’ to the education sector. 
“We really appreciate the generous contribution that the CPL Group made to our technology provision through its Giving Back scheme. The funding has supported us to acquire some advanced technology equipment, including our Eco-house, which is enabling students to advance their skills to get ready for employment, an apprenticeship or Higher Education. This contribution comes as we continue to invest in the expansion of our state-of-the-art Technology Centre in readiness for the new and transformative skills that are so crucial to the green agenda. The CPL Giving Back contribution has really helped to enhance our students' learning experiences.”

Julia Heap, Principal and CEO of Hopwood Hall
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