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Urbis Schréder

Urbis Schréder


Owing to the 50 years of dedication to delivering an extraordinary experience through lighting, Urbis Schréder focuses on providing lighting that can empower people, impact lives, support communities and transform spaces. Uncover value and deliver carbon and energy savings through connected, safe, and sustainable places people love to learn in.

With energy prices relentlessly rising, there has never been a better time for schools, businesses and local authorities to reduce overhead costs and increase productivity. Money is often wasted on poorly designed systems which don’t benefit the health of your staff, pupils or your finances.

Urbis Schréder has been an integral part of the UK’s exterior and interior lighting solutions. From classroom to sports field, car park and campus, we are fully engineered to deliver a return on the funding investment for today, and in future, releasing vital budgets for other priorities. We help clients achieve decarbonisation, whilst reducing their maintenance and energy costs.

Schréder describe our company mission as Lightability and strive to innovate and reimagine the way light is used through efficiency, innovation, sustainability, and expertise. With over 100+ years of experience and refinements in our approach to lighting, Schréder connects global expertise with local perspective to build legacies for future generations.