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Sponsors the ICT Innovation Award
Fujitsu Scanning solutions - Supporting administration & improving the learning experience.
As schools, colleges and universities attempt the tricky balancing act of cutting costs while improving service levels, more and more are discovering the benefits of deploying Fujitsu scanners in the learning environments and administrative offices.

By implementing digital working practices including the scanning and digitisation of material a school will very quickly see the benefits bought about from the enhanced collaboration between staff members, pupils and parents.

The speedier capture of correspondence such as permission slips, catering requests, HR material, bursaries and paperwork related to special needs as well as the implementation of technology driven teaching methods for a more enriched learning experience and marking will additionally see time and resources being freed up as well as cost savings.

Capturing Evidence of Progress can help early learners develop confidence in their abilities and recognise the progress that they have made. Fujitsu scanners can help in this regard by capturing a pupil’s work throughout the term so that children, teachers and parents can see how their work has evolved and improved. Providing digital files at the end of term instead, or as a supplement to, the actual artwork is also convenient for parents. Some schools are even charging for this service to recoup the cost of the scanner.

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