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Emotional Logic Centre

Emotional Logic Centre

Sponsors Outstanding Progress - Primary School Award
Emotional Logic is a conversational skill that equips people of all ages to manage change, setbacks, disappointments and hurts more constructively. It can be learnt in just a few hours and is used widely in schools, healthcare settings and with people of all ages. 

EL is trauma responsive and is used in schools worldwide to help children, families and staff move forward during challenging times. For pupils and their families in schools, areas of anger, depression, anxiety or self-harm are commonly addressed. By feeling heard, and safe, pupils become more resilient and academic levels improve. For staff it is often used in the areas of stress reduction, workload, work life balance or conflict resolution. EL moves people towards taking carefully planned risks with others to address the root of issues and move forward. 

The Emotional Logic Centre is a Devon charity founded in 2003 and is led by medical and education professionals. We train schools to set up bespoke self-sufficient support systems for both staff and pupils. Schools currently use EL for-staff support, to target specific families and as part of their wider PSHE curriculum accessed by all children.