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Emotional Logic Centre

Emotional Logic Centre

Sponsors Outstanding Progress - Primary School Award
Developed by doctors to prevent stress-related illnesses, Emotional Logic teaches a medical view that emotions are healthy physical preparations for change, not merely feelings that get in the way of reasoning. If they cannot fulfill their useful purposes to energise adjustments, however, their emotional chemistry turns instead into physical or mental illnesses, and inner drives to socially disruptive behaviour. All of this can be reversed when people learn to activate their inbuilt Emotional Logic to build inner strength

Over fifty schools in Plymouth and Devon have enthusiastically integrated Emotional Logic in whole school community programmes. We are ready to roll this programme out nationally. Emotional Logic moves staff on from being trauma-informed to being trauma-responsive.

  • We first train an Emotional Logic Facilitator (the school’s ELF!) who sustains the method and skills in the whole school community system.
  • A day workshop trains all the classroom and pastoral staff for stress reduction using the healthy emotional language of adjustment to setback and disappointment.
  • Teachers use six lesson plans to teach the pupils Emotional Logic, who then take it home to their parents and guardians.
  • Parents evenings, and peer support training follow. Attendance Officers are empowered to facilitate change in home dynamics, as well as Parent Support Advisers. 
  • The ELF provides individual support for needy pupils and parents.

One secondary school recorded a 42% reduction in disruptive behaviour as a result.

For more information: or 01752 892455.