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Action Mats

Action Mats

Action Mats is an educational fitness resource, devised to engage children in exercise, using a series of highly visual cardio fitness stations that can be moved around to create multiple games and team challenges. Fundamental to the concept is the simple way activities are conveyed using illustrations and graphics printed onto each mat, so that children of any language and ability can easily and quickly get involved.

Initially designed for EAL children (English as an additional language), we hear daily that the simplicity of Action Mats is brilliant for pupils (and teachers) in every part of society. The speed of setting up lessons and the ease of understanding Action Mats is the key to their inclusivity encouraging child-centred learning and individual empowerment.

There are many ways to use Action Mats including fitness circuits, competitive games, problem-solving challenges and educational games. In addition, we have created multiple, curriculum-linked activity plans, to assist with the successful delivery of lessons for everyone.

Action Mats are lightweight, durable and non-slip, with cheerful designs to guide children through various activities, games and circuits.

From improving overall learning and development to honing coordination, balance, agility and teamwork, Action Mats are specifically designed for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 settings. 

With pre-defined lesson plans, you can use Action Mats to create standalone PE lessons, energise classes with “wake up, shake up” activities or run fun, problem-solving games for core subjects like Mathematics and English.